Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reaper Miniatures supports the OSG forum.
 So today I got a $200 certificate from a old pal at Reaper Miniatures (( Ed Pugh)) who was very happy to support us for miniature reviews.So that said I went about ordering everything Reaper released in Dec & Jan.

Once the miniatures come in myself and couple of our metal miniature guys will review them and paint a few of the list up also.Below are a few I reviewed in the past.Thanks again & I look forward to this project.


  1. Nice Mick,looking forward to seeing the Minis.I would like to see the raw product then the painted ones.

  2. Herb agreed, I would like to review them all as you see the ones above and then if any strike our fancy maybe have some painted..I would tell you about imperfections or trouble possibly I had with the miniature..overall coolness..usefulness, etc.thanks for the input.feel free to share any more thoughts.